Eiye orientation

Eiye orientation

On the 4 February he woke up, logged into his several facebook profiles and wished himself a happy birthday and thanked Jesus for another days on Earth. The NBM quickly posted the death on their facebook groups lamenting the death of one of their own. A politician NBM member is never a good thing. He also attended Nana Primary school, also in Warri, Delta state. For his secondary school education, he attended Hussey College Warri, from where he moved to Dom-Domingos college, also in Warri, to complete his Secondary school education.

Inhe gained admission to study law at the University of Benin. Asiwaju Yinka Mafe moved to the U. Asiwaju worked as a solicitor in various law firms and later owned the MIB solicitors in the UK after which he wound down the firm and moved back to Nigeria in to continue his political ambition.

Which is where things kinda get interesting. There are some huge inaccuracies with the later statement. Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe defrauded a number of individuals for very large sums of money then went on the run to Nigeria. He was struck off in his profession. Subsequently never allowed to practice law in the UK ever again. On the 6th May the Solicitors Regulation Authority held a tribunal against him in his absence… he had at this time ran off back to Nigeria where a number of charges were read against him, evidence produced and he was found guilty of the offences.

They indicated the practice appeared to have been abandoned during mid April In respect of each transaction, the Respondent signed Certificates of title, dated from 23rd March to 7th April In true and typical axeman style misappropriating the funds. Stealing large sums of money from people and then running away. The Tribunal were of the view that this was one of the worst cases of dishonesty that the Tribunal had dealt with.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority were very helpful when i contacted them and made the original tribunal documents available:. Mafe Upon returning to Nigeria Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe could have put his feet up and lived the life of a king with his ill gotten gains. However the greedy scoundrel wanted more. He began the pursuit of his political ambitions. Funded by stolen money.

He was the Majority Leader. Four gunmen invaded a home and shot dead an occupant. Upon their arrest they confessed the killing had been sponsored by a certain Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe. Four persons, suspected to be political thugs and members of a secret cult group, have been arrested by the police over their alleged involvement in the shooting and murder of one person in Sagamu, Ogun State. The suspects, Olushola Adedeji, Olusegun Olalekan a.

Their arrest, it was further gathered followed a complaint lodged at the ZIS that the suspects invaded the residence of the victim and shot him dead.

The complainant, who added that the suspects were on the payroll of a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, equally informed the police that the suspects have been terrorizing Sagamu and its environs.

Further investigation by Daily Sun, revealed that the suspects, who were arrested with some arms and ammunition and presently in the custody of ZIS, had allegedly fingered the member representing Sagamu State Constituency 1 and the Majority Leader in the House of Assembly, Hon. Yinka Mafe, as their sponsor.

eiye orientation

The moral of the story is to never allow… under any circumstances… cultists to form any part of government. Murder, mayhem and the misappropriation of funds follows them everywhere. Whilst at the same time promoting their upcoming annual convention to be held April at Orchid Group of Hotels, Asaba, Delta State.

Vincenzo Schiavone stands on the shoreline of Castel Volturno, gesturing over sparkling Mediterranean waters to the resort towns of the Amalfi coast.Tweets by todayng.

eiye orientation

Official: Lockdown violation may cause 57, cases of coronavirus in Kaduna. Tottenham make u-turn on using coronavirus furlough scheme. Germany reports more thanconfirmed coronavirus cases.

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Idris Deby changes mind, will continue war against Boko Haram. Minister: Nigeria pegs oil output at 1. Lockdown: Farmer blames current problem of snail business on logistics.

African Union appoints ex-Credit Suisse boss as envoy for virus support. Omotola Jalade laments after losing cousin in UK. Motorsport great Stirling Moss passes on at Los Angeles adds new sexual battery count against jailed Harvey Weinstein.

Super Eagles inform star makes Team of the Season in England. Roy Hodgson: Premier league must be completed. Apple redesigning iPhone this year with flat sides and smaller notch…. Malaysian scientists build Medibot for coronavirus patients.

19 Eiye Confraternity Slangs

Expert: 15 pharmaceutical companies working on coronavirus drugs, vaccines. The scoundrel called Oluwasanmi. Coronavirus and right to freedom of movement. What Africa must do to mitigate damaging effects of coronavirus.

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Matthew Ashimolowo: 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus. The pandemic is no time for fiscal distancing. All Photo Video. Lagos governor celebrates Easter with health workers in live video.The Pyrates Confraternity was founded to fight societal ills. Inin Jolly Rogers 1, Odas had ceased to be Odas, each and every creed of the Pyrates Confraternity was turned upside down with corruption and nepotism assuming exalted positions therein.

The whistle of disintegration which had started to blow within the Pyrates Confraternity reached a crescendo in At this point odas had ceased to be odas, giving rise to chaos, anarchy, ridicule, confrontations black spotting and counter black spotting.

At this juncture, two young gentlemen decided that the Pyrates confraternity had failed them and left and formed a new confraternity to uphold all the wrong doings the Pyrates had come to embrace.

The confraternity remained in the University of Ibadan from till when the idea of a national outlook was conceived. The graduate body was growing and spreading to other areas of the country and their good deeds were spreading too; a clamour for other decks increased and was accepted.

This led to decks being established in various institutions of higher learning around the country. The growth and spread of our confraternity on university campuses were not without attendant problems, for this coincided with the expansion of other student movements which consequently resulted in squabbles in many campuses.

Conscious of the need to provide direction, uphold the ideals of the confraternity and to further cement the ideals of a nationally recognised body, a group of older Buccaneers gave strength to the formation of the Buccaneers Association of Nigeria BAN whose inauguration was performed at Modaship in during our tenth anniversary tagged DOUBLOON. The period from provided another beginning and new challenges for the confraternity.

The restructuring of the hierarchy came into effect. As a first step towards reining in the excesses of the under graduate members, the student body lost their autonomy and became subordinate to the odas of the Grand Eye, the national head. The Buccaneers confraternity has weathered many storms and is beginning its 5th decade as a vibrant confraternity with a social and moral conscience and proper brotherliness amongst its members and the society in general.

Upcoming events.We hereby use this opportunity to renounce the following public perception so that the brotherhood is not misunderstood and the Supreme Confraternity's name is not smeared by public ignorance: The Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity is NOT a cult but a socio cultural brotherhood that believes in the communion of minds SEC believes in the traditional teachings of the ancient African oratorical practices and NOT Voodoo.

The SEC does NOT have any break-away organizations and is the ONLY tertiary institution based Confraternity that maintains its unity after over 44 years of existence "Rainbow color remains one and the same…" With these in our consciousness, we use this opportunity to inform all members of the Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity in higher institutions of learning, ex-members, older members and dedicated members in all walks of life to use the 16th day of June as a day of solidarity with the general public where we open up our activities to the world via a traditional sing song session where our true nature can then be understood by the inquisitive public.

We have been misunderstood for long enough, as our name from inception has conjured up fear and prejudice amongst the uninitiated; beginning with the castigation by the western overlords in pre-colonial University College Ibadan; and in the past decade by the media who have had a field day through the smearing campaign of the Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity as a Cult! We hailAjonnnnnntuayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Rebranding exercise for vampires. Their name no matter. Wole Soyinka had no hand in Eiye confraternity. He started the seadogs aka pyrates confraternity and they are more credible than eiye and not violent at all. The concept of brotherhood in nigerian universities confraternities,if positively channeled can over ride the tribal disunity and cankerworm in nigera.

The concept of one for all and all for one,tribe,language or state not withstanding. As bad as it may seem,there are lessons to learn from them. Or does your loyalty end when they take an oath to serve the country? Or could it be you wont have a problem with them as long as they're ones you "know". Bloody criminals have the gall to be celebrating an anniversary Cultism, like armed robbery and man slaughter, should be punishable by death.

I remember them sailing in a london carnival years ago. I wonder if there is a london chapter, and what are their aims and what they really up to.

Startin solenoidi ei naksu

The people who formed this confraternity in never knew it will be bastardise like this so i think it will be unfair if we now call the founders names. Note that you cannot call Prof. Wole Soyinka names simply for the fact that he was part of the founding member of the pyrate confraternity PC.

supreme maphite confraternity

I do not think they are in eastern universities. I will call all of them, including Soyinka, criminals as they have failed to take any steps to curb the criminal behaviors of their members. The fact that they can celebrate an anniversary and act oblivious to the atrocities committed by their members makes it more irritating. Rather they are spewing rhetoric of the innocence of their organization as if the rest of Nigeria were so gullible.

Soyinka has been busy criticizing the government, but has made little effort to sanitize an organization he partly founded.

eiye orientation

He condemns the government for the poor state of university education, but will not work to cleanse the fraternities that have made same institutions into living hell for innocent students. He is guilty of hypocrisy and can be judged complicit of the crime. How sure are you of their initial intents?.

Eiye has been different from others in that it has a deep spiritual connotation. It is more of a cult than a gang.

eiye orientation

Amazingly rich!!! What next? Eiye is a dead cult in the east. The east is controlled by the neo black movmt and sealords. He condemns the government for the poor state of university education, but will work to cleanse the fraternities that have made same institutions into living hell for innocent students.

Most reports claim that the first manifestation of a campus confraternity or campus cult was in The purpose of the confraternity was to combat societal ills and conformist degradation, which were being exhibited not only by students, but by society at large.

According to the Pyrates, the first graduates of the University of Ibadan were elitist, as they were highly privileged since they were the first graduating class of Nigeria's first university [1].

Most of the university students adopted elitist behavior, imitating the dress of the colonialists and mimicking their culture. Wole Soyinka, who was code-named "Captain Blood," together with his colleagues felt that the pretenses should be stopped.The cult was formed at the University of Ibadan inalso affiliated to the Eiye Secret Society, which exist in the western part of Nigeria.

This cult group was established to make positive impact on the social-political mind, social cultural, physical and mental development of its members, and where indifferent to other conventional cult group. Axe : The axe is the symbol of NBM. Axes are also part of the regalia worn by members. Lord: a graduate member.

Those are known for gang wars, cult killings and rape at Nigerian universities. The term refers to the crisis that occurred at the birth on NBM at the said university, the murder of one of the founders who turned out to be a traitor. There is talk about jus and virgins having been sacrificed at jollies. There are zones in Nigerian states and in many countries worldwide, often with subdivisions.

In all communications among members the strong name is used. Clothing: Members of the confraternity have a uniform of sorts that consists of black, white and yellow clothing black trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, yellow ribbon on cap which symbolizes the following: Black signifies identification with the black race and the dignity thereof, white signifies peace and purity of mind and body, yellow signifies intellect. The color of the regalia depends on the rank of a member.

Dodorima in Igbo language refers to honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence, hard working, etc. This entails praises and adoration given to a particular person based on something he did. Term used for punishment, especially beating with a cane or whip. According to NBM legend Janet was a girlfriend of one of the founders.

It is prepared by the Chief Priest and used at initiation of new members. An oath is sworn with Kokoma: should the initiated member ever betray NBM, Kokoma is thought to squeeze life out of him.

The consequences of cultism are in two ways which are: 1. Consequences on the society 2. Consequences on the individual. Consequences on the society: These are the consequences of cult activities which are suffered by the society at large they include the following. Loss of innocent lives: Cult activities bring about the loss of innocent lives which may come about during violent cult clashes with other cult members or the police.

This innocent citizens who are killed may other wise have become valuable members of the society. Destruction of valuable properties: Cult members are always prone to destroying valuable properties in the society in the course of their activities. Increase in crime rate: Cult activities bring about the increase in crime rate, this is because cultists engage in all sorts of crime such as raping, murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

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All these make the society unsafe for living. Increase in violence: Cult activities also breeds the nature of violence in youths. Fall in education standard: Frequent closure of schools and destruction of valuable school properties as a result of cult activities results to the fall of education standard. Death: many cult members end up paying the ultimate price for belonging to such groups. On a daily basis cult members kill each other on grounds of supremacy and revenge. Loss of limbs: Cultists also lose their limbs during violent clashes with other cult groups.


These cultists use dangerous materials to carryout their atrocities, in the process maim those targeted. Destruction of health: Cult members engage in different forms of drug abuse and careless behaviour. These actions tend to destroy the body system and cause adverse health conditions. Poor academic performance: Cultists also experience poor academic performance in school.

They skip lectures and have no time to read their books. This explains why many cultists end up spending more years than expected in the University. Bad reputation: Cultists have a bad reputation wherever they go, no body regards or respects them.Sources describe Eiye as a "secret cult" The Guardian 6 Nov. Sources further indicate that Eiye is one of a number of similar groups active in Nigeria Ezeonu 19 Sept.

The BBC reports that the group was created in the s ibid. The same source states that Eiye "remains true to the vision of her founders" ibid. The BBC reports that although Eiye's "original intention was to make a positive contribution to society," it is an "organized crime group" from which, over time, "many members went astray, committing violence in Nigeria and delving into crime abroad" BBC 27 Jan. Jane's Intelligence Review states that Eiye is made up of "members of old secret societies transformed into criminal associations" Jane's Intelligence Review 25 Feb.

The same source notes that Eiye has "a rigid hierarchical structure headed by a directorate and each forum is independent. The members have a specific functional and hierarchical role; they are connected by familiar or other relational ties" ibid.

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Daily Trust, a Nigerian newspaper, quotes a member of an Eiye group, who refers to the leader of the organization as a "'Capon'" Daily Trust 21 Oct. According to a study on violent fraternities at an unnamed university in southern Nigeria, which was published in the Journal of African American Studies, the leaders of most Nigerian fraternities are called "Capones," as an allusion to the Chicago gangster Al Capone Ezeonu 19 Sept. The same source explains that there is a "hierarchy of Capones;" the national Capone is like a Commander-in-Chief, while the campus-based Capones are like field commanders ibid.

The competition for all of these positions is reportedly "vicious" and to be chosen, the person "must demonstrate daring acts of bravery, brutality and courage" ibid. UNODC reports that, according to a investigation by Italian authorities, members of the Eiye confraternity have operated in Italy since at least and have "a level of organization, violence and intimidation similar to other, better known mafias" UN Statistics on the number of members who belong to Eiye could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

An article published in the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard indicates that the majority of cult members are teenagers and youth and some are current and former students of "tertiary institutions" Vanguard 26 Oct. According to the study published in the Journal of African American Studies, the initiation rituals of these fraternities usually take place in secret Ezeonu 19 Sept.

The same source states that, in individual and focus group interviews of 30 participants conducted for the purpose of the study, the Eiye Confraternity was identified as one of the "most violent" fraternities at the university Ezeonu 19 Sept. The study notes that fraternities at the university, in general, use "brutal and humiliating forms of hazing in their initiation ceremonies" and that after initiation, new recruits are often required to undertake criminal acts such as "obligatory rapes" of women affiliated with rival gang members, armed robbery or physical attacks of faculty members ibid.

In correspondence with the Research Directorate, a researcher affiliated with the Transnational Threats and International Crime Division of the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies ISSan organization that provides "independent and authoritative research [and] expert policy advice" on human security ISS n.

Eiye Airlord Rugged Gyration Songs Mixtape

Information on membership cards could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. Sources further note that "eiye" means "bird" in the Yoruba language ibid.

Sources state that campus fraternities intimidate and assault students and staff at the educational institutions where they are present ISS 31 Mar. Nigerian media sources report that, in Augustclashes between the Eiye and Aiye confraternities at the Kwara State Polytechnic, which spread to other parts of Ilorin [the capital of Kwara State], resulted in the deaths of 16 people, the arrest of suspected cult members Daily Trust 22 Aug.

Sources report that the Eiye confraternity has been involved in the following activities within Nigeria:. Clashes with the Manfight group in Oredo [Edo State], including killings, in a conflict related to state elections Fund for Peace 22 Aug. Nigerian media sources have reported on cases of violent clashes involving Eiye members in various cities and states in Nigeria, including:.

Bariga area of Lagos Daily Independent 28 Jan. The UNODC reports that in MarchItalian authorities conducted an investigation and arrested 34 people affiliated with the Eiye and Aye cults for criminal activities, including managing the trafficking of young women from Benin City to Italy ibid.

Sources also report that 23 members of the Eiye group were arrested by the Catalan police after an month investigation ibid. According to the BBC, investigators found that women were being trafficked from Benin City and other areas of Nigeria, and were transported through North Africa or through airports in the UK ibid. The same source reports that the women were forced to share their earnings with Eiye operatives, and, if anyone resisted, their family members in Nigeria would be threatened or abducted ibid.

Sources indicate that, in addition to human trafficking, Eiye operatives abroad are involved in: drug trafficking UN57; BBC 27 Jan. Media sources report on cases in which the police arrested people for alleged membership in Eiye, including the following:.

In October31 undergraduates at the University of Lagos who were suspected of belonging to Eiye were arrested while preparing to go to an initiation ceremony Daily Trust 21 Oct. In Octoberthe police arrested five people in Lagos under suspicion of being leaders of Eiye; they were charged with felony charges for "belonging and managing an unlawful society" PM News 28 Oct.

In MarchKwara state police arrested four Eiye members in Ilorin while they were "preparing to go out on [an] operation" Nigerian Tribune 13 Mar. Speaking about the general situation towards members of cults, the ISS researcher stated that cult members have been arrested or expelled from universities for carrying out "violent and criminal activities" ISS 31 Mar.

However, he also noted that "[p]olice can make arrests but in some cases, corruption, witness intimidation and lack of evidence causes the case to be dropped" ibid.Okemiorukaye Nakpodia, 56, was found guilty of conspiracy to money launder at Woolwich Crown Court today 8 May Esther Nakpodia, 35, Unuakpotovo Nakpodia, 46, both pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing. All three siblings, who live in Greenwich in London, will next appear at the same court on 24 May for sentencing.

Police identified suspicious transactions entering bank accounts. The leader of the Black Axe, Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo, is the brother-in-law of the three defendants. Esther and Unuakpotovo Nakpodia are also subject to extradition proceedings concerning advance fee frauds in Greece, to be held at Westminster Magistrates Court at a later date.

They talked about the amounts, and what to do with the funds after they arrived, including how much to keep for themselves. A number of incriminating text messages were found on her mobile phone seized from her upon arrest, revealing her deep involvement in the laundering of these funds. Unuakpotovo also denied being part of a conspiracy to money launder the proceeds of crime. He claimed not know the source of these transfers. The investigative office appealed the Review and proved him right.

Three persons suspected to be cultist members have been killed in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State following a bloody clash between two rival cult groups in the area. The incident was among series of such incidents in the area even as the Nigeria Police recently announced the existence of over 24 cult groups in the state. The Oracle Today gathered that the clash was between the Clansmen and the Black Axe Confraternities resulting in the shooting and hacking down of the victims.

This is coming on the heels of recent public renunciation of cultism by scores of students of the University of Uyo. An eyewitness told our correspondent that one of the victims was hacked to death while two others were gunned down.

The incident had caused serious tension in the city of Eket as armed mobile policemen have taken over major streets of the oil city to forestall a further breakdown of law and order. A source, who pleaded anonymity, said that one of the victims simply known as Dela met his untimely death while returning from watching a football match along Hospital Road in Eket. The current cult war is the second in three months that had claimed scores of lives.

Mr Bassey Edoho, a resident of Eket, said that the cult war might not end soon because of the fear that there would be further reprisal attacks.

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He said that those killed were members of the Clan cult group. September 5, by Kayla Kuefler. At Canadian Fraud News, we report on decisions issued by Canadian Courts related to fraud, that are not reported in the main stream media, and that contain legal issues the Canadian public and fraud recovery experts should be aware of.

The following is one such story. This decision addressed the issue of when serial fraudsters may be released on bail by Canadian Courts. The decision was not released by Canadian legal publishers to September 3, — almost two full months after Amadi was released. On October 7,the Toronto police executed search warrants on his home and seized a number of electronic devices.

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